/ Thoughtful sourcing

We're the only super premium ice cream with 20% less sugar, probiotics and organic inulin - but don't panic, you'd never know. Foxy's is still luxurious, rich and decadent and guaranteed to scratch the itch only ice cream can. 

Thoughtfully sourced. Sounds vague, right? Well, we want to make sure we can really ‘think’ about our sourcing, and change/adapt if necessary. We ONLY use organic milk, will always be egg and gluten gre + our main desires are local with minimal ‘food miles’, fair trade or equivalent, B-Corp or supporting small industry. For example, the marshmallows in our Rocky Road Less Travelled comes from Janet at Grown Up Marshmallows in Somerset - less than 20  miles from Foxy's office. Our vanilla extract is organic and sourced from Madagascar. Watch out for mote flavours coming soon - and let us know what you would like to see!


/ surprise, it's good for you

Our ice cream is diet sensitive, our range includes gluten free, egg free, organic ingredients, all natural non-GMO. Vitamins A, C, D+, dietary fiber, synbiotic and symbiotic.

We've added organic agave inulin to help with the structure of the ice cream, which has the advantage of providing pre-biotics for the probiotics, as well as a natural, calorie free sweetness. 

We also are proud to use premium 16% butter-fat, 50% overrun ice creams loaded with probiotics and 20% less sugar than comparable products.


foxy's throughtful ice cream

a super premium product, crafted to create the most delicious balance between science and taste.